sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

como fazer uma mala!

em tempo:


tenho muito que aprender ainda...hehehehe



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Josi disse...

Será que eu consigo??? Vou tentar... eu e o Alexandre temos feito umas vigens de moto amiga, rsrs... vai ser mto útil (se eu conseguir, é claro!).


Uncle Gil disse...

Dear Charlotte, if you didnt know... this guy already had traveled with me when I was traveling to SouthAsia and he was so disorganized that I had to teach how straighten his things to continue the trip!
However only the last part of the video is a new to me but it is so amazing when the guy stars to put the pants into the bag and his shirts he puts like interspersed... WTF!!! This guy is a NINJA!!!
Sorry about my english... too much time without training!!!
see you